Hair Services

Our hairstylists and colour technicians feed off each other’s creativity to stay inspired, current and committed to meeting our clients' expectations with the desired colour and/or style. We are departmentalized allowing for us to be masters of our trade and concentrated on giving you an exceptional final outcome.


Womens $45 +

Mens $25 +

Kids $20 +
(12 years old and younger)


Style $30 +

Curls + $5
to style price

Braid + $5
to style price

Up-Do $65 +

Chemical Treatments

Chemical Straightening and Relaxing
upon consultation

upon consultation


Root Touch-Up $60 +

Solid Colour $75 +

Scalp Lighten
$70 +

Toner $25 +

Top Panel Highlights
$70 +

Partial Highlights $110 +

Full Head Highlights
$150 +

Colour and Highlights + $30
to highlights price

Balayage / Ombre $120 +

Men's Colour $20 +

Colour Correction
upon consultation

Creative Colour
upon consultation 

Blow-Dry After Colour $10


Eyes $30 +

Full Face $60 +

Faux Lashes + $10
to make-up price


Shine and Moisture $15 +


upon consultation


Our hairstylists and colour technicians are categorised based on the degree of experience, training, relative skills and expertise. Our clients know what to expect from our team of professionals and we strive in matching you with a stylist and colour technician that you will fall in love with!